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  Social Service Department at Patan Hospital is one of the departments established with the inception of the hospital. The mission of inception of this department is to provide free and concessional and affordable healthcare to the deserving and needy patients that come to the doors of our hospital. This department is responsible to streamline the process of granting such free care after necessary evaluation of patients and visitors. Social Service department provides free care to both the outpatients and inpatients who might have walked into our hospital or been referred from other medical institutions. Social Service department works with the missionary vision. This is a commitment of the hospital to extend our resources, services and medical expertise not only to those who can afford but also to the needy and deserving patients who cannot afford the cost of the treatment. Every year an average of one hundred thousand Rupees is being given away to poor and needy patients as social responsibility and obligation of an organization. This support cover only 30% of total need or demand of such patients. Patan Hospital, Social Service is managing to spend the money gathered from its staff members, which is limited against the claim for free treatment this is what is the constraint in our service to the poor and needy we therefore are looking for sponsors to donate and financially support us in our mission to help the poor and needy the real deserving patients.
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