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Department of medicine at Patan Hospital is one of the a major busy departments in providing both primary care as well as specialty services, not only to the local urbanites but also to patients coming from different parts within Nepal.

The Department of medicine at Patan Hospital also envisions itself to become and remain the leading Department of Internal Medicine in Nepal having the capability and willingness to provide leadership and role model in the areas of medical education, patient care and clinical research with excellence, quality and cost-effectiveness.

The mission of medicine department is to:

To continuously strengthen and expand the needed physical, technical, managerial and human resources so as to be able to:

a)     Provide high quality, compassionate, evidence based and cost-effective care to all the needy patients seeking our help.
b)     Train, mentor and nurture the medical students, residents and future leaders of Internal Medicine.
c)     Undertake clinical research in relevant clinical problems and disseminate the findings through appropriate scientific publications.
d)     Contribute in organizing/running effective CMEs and developing appropriate national guidelines in the management of important clinical problems related to Internal Medicine.

Medicine department in Patan Hospital is modest in size, however, the Department of Medicine, like elsewhere, undertakes primarily the following functions:
Patient care services: Though only 42 beds are officially allocated to this department, due to the heavy patient loads, many patients adjusted into either in the Admission ward, Private wards or Emergency Room itself. When patient loads are too heavy, we do at times admit our medical patients in other wards if and when beds available in those wards. As a result, on average, we take care of 50 – 55 admitted patients every day. Thus the total number of patients to whom the medicine department provides acute care services amounts to the neighborhood of 3000 annually.

Medical Referral Clinic – the ambulatory clinic of the Department of Medicine, care is provided to more than 100 patients every day which totals to about 20, 000 annually. We also run a special diabetic clinic once a day and provide Imatinib Mesylate (Glivec) therapy (free of cost) to patients with Philadelphia (+) Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML).
The medicine department is also responsible for providing consultative services to patients who were hospitalized primarily with surgical, orthopedic or obstetrical or gynecological problems. Needless to say, a considerable proportion of such consultation is done for preoperative evaluation for fitness for surgery.
Furthermore, the Department of Medicine provides diagnostic bronchoscopic services on a regular basis.
In addition to this department of Medicine is also responsible for running the 5 bedded Intensive Care Unit (ICU). These services are meant for those with real or life threatening critical clinical conditions. 

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