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At the initial stage, along with the establishment of Patan Hospital not only the family at the surgery but the whole hospital family was a small one. The Department of Surgery, had only a consultant doctor and an expatriate a G.P. Surgeon,

But today the outpatient clinic of this department looks over-crowded due to increased number of Surgical patients.  Initially, the surgical outpatient clinics were run only four days a week but to meet the extra demand, it has been extended to five days a week.  Number of surgical operations have also increased to many folds.

Regarding teaching activities, in early days it was minimal. Occasionaly we used to have one doctor, two Interns in our department. Gradually we got affiliated with TUTH and started having M.S. General Surgery and M.D.G.P students for six months posting.  Now since last four years, we are major partners in NAMS surgical and G.P trainings and as Patan Hospital is growing to become an Academy. Certainly
we will have our own surgical training programmes.

Third aspect of medical service is research and publication.  We have many young, energetic and enthustic colleagues in department now a days.  Every year number of surgical publications are increasing and I am sure in near future we will have journal of Patan Hospital.

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