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The department of Pediatrics at Patan Hospital began with the establishment of the hospital. A new wing has been housed in its new block to fulfill the needs of Pediatric cases that come into the door of the hospital everyday.

Neonatology is a specialized care of the Sick and the New born, including Premature and Tiny babies. The advent of newer therapeutic modalities, artificial life-support techniques and infection control mechanism has tremendously decreased mortality in newborn, ushering into a new era in Neonatal medicine. The Neonatal ICU at PH is equipped with all the latest facilities for the newborn.
The Neonatal ICU is manned by experienced neonatologists and nurses, working round the clock as a team. Infection rate, the most important cause of mortality in the new born has been a major stumbling block in reducing the number of Neonatal deaths especially in the developing countries.
These advances, backed by conventional Neonate management technology (incubators, computerized monitoring including blood pressure, oxygen levels in the blood, blood gas analysis etc.) would be of no use unless a skilled, dedicated professional team utilizes them. The ICU team is highly qualified with required level of experience and is capable of dealing with complicated surgical cases.
PH believes that every baby should be managed professionally in the first month of life and specially the first hour.

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