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Patan hospital started its out patient service with eight clinics, 36 record room staff and seven doctor's assistants with the concept of acting as a primary health care centre. This was the first hospital to start a general clinic for screening of patients along with specialist clinics. It is able to make a good public image because of its persistently high standard care as well as its good patient friendly environment along with disciplined and punctual staff.

It caters all types of patients from pediatric to geriatric without discrimination of race, religion. And these factors differs this hospital from other hospital. Today, OPD service has expanded to 14 clinics and also with the facilities of semi-private and private clinic. There is a constant rise in flow of patients with approximately 1000 patients/ day, reaching a peak of 1300 / day,

The general OPDs are supervised by general practitioners. There is a quality control team to improve the quality of care that the patients receive and regular auditing is done by this team. There are many academic activities (CME for doctors assistants and case based discussion for doctors) conducted by this department. The registration system for out patients has been computerized recently. This department is cooperating actively with the district public health office of Lalitpur.

PHONE: +977 1 5522295 FAX:977 1 5548008