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The Department of Obstetric at Patan Hospital is dedicated to the finest and most comprehensive women's reproductive health care. This department delivers sincere and level best to give compassionate care to women who come here for child birth. The gentle and tender service that is accessible to all kind of people in this department is making our service gain more and more attention.
This department has renowned and skilled Gynaecologist dedicated to the service since last 25 years, dedicated even to the teaching and training of fully-qualified, well-rounded obstetricians and gynecologists in our academy.

This department also has a homely delivery center, which we call ‘Birthing Centre’, established in 1995, to fulfill the overwhelming demand on the maternity services, offers delivery comfort and freedom as if at home with no compromise in total medical support. The ‘Birthing Center’ located in our new Nick Simons Block has rooms beautifully designed with the needs of our patients in mind. In fact our Birthing Centre is an inexpensive midwife led low-tech facility with minimal interventions for normal deliveries only. It is hospital based to allow an easy and quick transfer to the consultant led maternity ward, where more complicated interventions may be undertaken under strict supervision of the specialists if need be.

PHONE: +977 1 5522295 FAX:977 1 5548008