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Emergency Service in Patan Hospital is open twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. The Department of Emergency is one of the busiest departments not only at Patan Hospital but throughout the nation. It examines more than 150 patients per day. The department of Emergency has a senior supervision is present round the clock.

All doctors in this department have attended training in trauma care (PTC) Advanced Pediatric Life support (APLS) and Basic Life support. The service is reinforced by the specialist on call.
The Department of Emergency is supervised by the General Practioners. Though the outpatient department is under the supervision of this faculty, there are also specialist clinics organized separately from the general clinics. Apart from running   ER and OPD, the Faculty of GP has sole academic responsibility for GP residents (NAMS). It also takes care of GP Residents from the Institute of Medicine. It also trains the intern doctors. In this hospital, Organized Emergency facility was started from the start of this hospital.

PHONE: +977 1 5522295 FAX:977 1 5548008