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The department of Aesthesia was established from the beginning of the establishment, of Patan Hospital. In the initial period there were 2 operating theatres which carried out around 500 operations in a month including all electives and emergency opearations. 

Patan Hospital developed a very invaluable technique conserving oxygen in 2 big giant cylinder from the air via a oxygen concentrator and supplied that stored Oxygen to the operating theatre via pipe lines.  Because of cost effectiveness, this invaluable system is still being in use at the Patan Hospital. Apart from EMO vaporizer with OMV (Oxford Miniature Vaporizer), one of the early photograph shows there was a Boyle’s apparatus too, in Patan Hospital

Regarding the use of that machine must have been limited to some major surgical procedure only, as the machine required compacted oxygen cylinder in high pressure to run the ventilator. 

At present, there are four operating theatres in Patan Hospital one specially allocated for maternity emergencies only.  Around 12-13 thousands surgical procedures (general surgeries, orthopaedics, gynae and obstetrics, are being carried out annually. All the modern anaesthetic drugs are in use to anaesthetize the patients using the high tech Boyle’s apparatus.

There are 2 senior specialist anaesthetist in regular basis, one visiting anaesthetist so far with very insignificant morbidity and mortalities. Once a week for orthopaedic surgeries, 3 senior nurse anaesthetist covering all elective cases and on call duties.  Apart from that 3 resident doctors 2 interns on 2 weeks rotations 1-2 G. P.. Doctors on anaesthetic rotations for 2-3 months period from various institutions like  NAMS, IOM and BPKIHS are also working in the department for training purposes. (Fig.5) Time to time the department is giving training of anaesthesia to the nurses from remote areas of Nepal.

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